grad portraits · Jason Verners · Victoria BC

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The incredible Jason Verners.

Who, honestly, I thought graduated like five years ago.

20160706 - Jason's grad-0001sdf

I received two calls this season for grad photos, and had a blast at both of them. I tried to get Jason and his gal Madyson together for that whole romantic hug thing . . .

20160706 - Jason's grad-0002sdf

. . . but, it didn’t take.

20160706 - Jason's grad-0003sdf

This probably better sums up their relationship anyway.

20160706 - Jason's grad-0004sdf

Along with what seemed like ONE MEELION of his closest also-graduating friends, Jason (previously seen here and here and even here) asked me to Royal Roads for some grad photography and, wow. Location amazingness much?

20160706 - Jason's grad-0005sdf

These two were up for most all of my crazy ideas, including balancing themselves on this dirty and precarious stone bannister thingy.

20160706 - Jason's grad-0006sdf

They were even beautiful in between takes.

20160706 - Jason's grad-0007sdf

Madyson shone brilliantly in a quick moment I borrowed her while Jason was meeting up with . . .

20160706 - Jason's grad-0008sdf

. . . his friend who owns this amazing car. Egads, lookit all this: castle, Camaro, casually gorgeous young folk. What is this, a magazine cover?

20160706 - Jason's grad-0009sdf

Thanks for being awesome, Jason and Madyson!


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