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Best. Family Day weekend. evar.

20160210 - snow much fun-0001

The famjam had a wonderful time at Mount Washington skiing, tubing, and generally having a wonderful time.

During our approach, the sky opened up and the rain on the highway translated to snow on the mountain.

20160210 - snow much fun-0002

So much new, beautiful fresh snow. It made for a bit of a trudge, but it was worth it.

20160210 - snow much fun-0003

There were some limitations with what we could do with the snow, however.

20160210 - snow much fun-0004

Sunrise up there? Yeah, kinda beautiful. We were privileged to stay at my Aunt & Uncle’s place up there, and it was beyond fantastic.

20160210 - snow much fun-0005

We finally had a chance to use Kit Kat’s snowman kit. She was proud of her creation. Unfortunately, it fell victim to The Snowplow Of Doom™.

No worries, though. With the exception of the end of his pipe, we collected all the pieces for our next lower-island blizzard.

20160210 - snow much fun-0006

Kidlet was introduced to skiing and, while she spent more time on her bum than on her skis, she enjoyed herself. Her highlight, of course, was the tube park. Oh, the squeals.

20160210 - snow much fun-0007

And me? I got my longtime wish of being up at Mount Washington during a beautiful blue sky sunny day.

20160210 - snow much fun-0008

A great time was had by all, and we’re all itching to go back.

20160210 - snow much fun-0009



  1. As usual your photography is beautiful, still take a swing through your site every now & then.

    Past owners of the funny litle “Yellow Car” which you photographed many years ago.
    Car now resides in Alberta.

    Keeep up the great work…………….

    1. Author

      Hey folks! Your car is unforgettable. I hope you have a scarf for it nowadays.

      Thanks for the kind words, and for dropping by the gallery! =)

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