Kitara – year zero

In photography by webmeister Bud

My goodness. What a year it’s been, li’l dumpling.

20100601 - Kitara - year zero

It’s been three hundred and sixty five days since Naomi woke up with the feeling that a certain baby wanted to show up ten days early.

It’s been three hundred and sixty five days since this little home turned upside down with unparalleled cuteness and never-ending awe.

It’s also been three hundred and sixty five days since anyone in this house (who isn’t a kat) has successfully racked up more than THREE HOURS’ SLEEP in one go, but let’s focus on the awesome, shall we?

From the first crack of a smile to the uncontrollable giggles and squeaks . . . from the first bite of solid food to the daily ritual of let’s-see-how-far-I-can-throw-this-morsel . . . from the first balanced sitting position to the full-on games of back and forth crawling chase . . . from the first little burbling sounds to the lengthy “MOW!” cat conversations . . . from the first little white gum dot to the mouth full of sharp little fangs . . .
it’s been an unforgettably amazing first year.

Our bitty little loves Cheerios and baths, hates peas and bedtime, isn’t yet sure what to make of bubbles or her own tongue and, hilariously, when she gets too warm, smells like freshly-baked bread machine bread.

Happy, happy birthday, wriggly noodle, wee ninja, li’l dumpling Kitara. Here’s to the next hundred birfdays of equal (or better) awesomeness.

Love forever++, mama and papa.

=) =) =)